Warm Artisan Breads            10.5   v

house herb butters

Kalamata & Sicilian Olives          8.5  G. V. D.F

lemon zest, rosemary, sea salt

Goats Cheese                     $15.

marinated goats cheese, prosciutto, kumara wafers

Mediterranean Taco           14.5

pumpkin hummus, black bean, spiced chicken, chorizo, cucumber, red onion & aioli

 Soup of the Day             12.    V .G.F

-made fresh daily –

Orongo Bay Pacific Oysters        3.50 each  (min 4)

raw –  seasoned  w lemon   or                 G.F

battered w lemon & garlic aioli

Bacon Wrapped Scallops          16.50     G.F

garlic butter & lemon

Seafood Chowder             16.

full of seafood goodies, chorizo, parmigiano & bread

Salt n Pepper Squid           15.   D.F

N.Z squid ,flour dipped w crispy capers, lemon, chilli dip


Goat Cheese Salad       .G.F

beetroot, walnuts, honey roasted figs, mixed lettuce, citrus vinaigrette

Small       16.50   Main       24.50  add prosciutto      5.

Moroccan Chickpea Salad            26.  .G.F

spinach, cumin, smoked paprika, dates, carrots, beetroot, citric, honey dressing

Mamma Mia           26.

Pappardelle  pasta, garlic, tomato & herb sauce, finished w cream &  parmigiano cheese

 G.F /gluten Free    V /vegetarian   D / Dairy . G.F

  If you have any particular dietary requirements, please   advise your    waiter prior to ordering. Menu items may contain traces of nuts, seafood and other allergens. Not all ingredients are listed in each dish.

                           PASTURE – OCEAN

Hawkes Bay Lamb              32.00    G.F

roast pumpkin hummus, mascarpone feta mousse, broad beans w plum & white wine  jus

N.Z Prime Beef Eye Fillet              36.50  G.F

-dry aged Angus, grain & grass feed –

parmesan potato mash, seasoned vegetable,  mushrooms & red wine jus, shallot crisp’s

Surf n Turf               39.5           G.D.F

tender pork fillet grilled  served with two

whole marinated  prawns, natural pacific oysters, bacon wrapped garlic scallops, finished with plum & white wine jus

Market Fresh Fish               MKT PRICE   G.F

grilled fillet ,roasted pumpkin humus, seasoned vegetable, fried capers, lemon & crème fraiche sauce

Waterfronts Chicken Twisted              29.50

sliced chicken tenderloins, sautéed  in a creamy white wine & mushroom sauce topped with a potato rosti

Fish n Chips            26.

generous beer battered fish fillet w garden salad, fries, sauces & lemon wedge

The Grand Chowder           27. 50

prawns, mussels, fish, squid, cream, chorizo, parmigiano cheese  served in a huge sour dough bread bowl                 -Can you do it –

N.Z Green Lipped Mussels          26.  D.F

steamed in lemongrass, coconut & chilli broth, lemon wedge, dipping bread

A SIDE OF  $7.00  each

Fries/ Potato mash   Garden salad / Chickpea salad